A piece of paradise.
Rheinfall. Stein am Rhein. Schaffhausen. Blauburgunderland.




Why Schaffhauserland Tourism should be supported:

  • So that a comprehensive communication on the region can be practised
  • So that the beauty of the Rhine Fall, Old Town and Munot in Schaffhausen, small town of Stein am Rhein, the wine growing areas, the southern Black Forest and Rheinau are publicised to those interested both here and abroad.
  • So that both locals and guests have a higher quality of life through improved infrastructure and cultural activities
  • So that synergies between tourism organisations, service providers, cantonal associations and the community can be optimally used

Direct use for tourism businesses

  • Platform for advertising, Internet, publication of brochures at Tourist Office, Herrenacker 15, Schaffhausen and Rheinfall
  • Registration in brochures, website
  • Transfer of groups and individual guests through agencies
  • Package integration possibilities from Schaffhauserland Tourism
  • Visits of media and fam trips if possible
  • Sales activities with tour operators
A wider recognition of Schaffhauserland, therefore your business and an increase in customer frequency and turnover is reached through these measures.

Become a member
To become a member is simple and your membership contributes to the promotion of tourism in the region of Schaffhausen.
Should you have any further questions regarding the membership of Schaffhauserland tourism please contact us.


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